Surprising Facts about WW2

World War II has been one of the most massive and brutal wars in history. Many people lost their lives, and there were constant pain and suffering. Countries killed and destroyed each other to show their dominion but they all lost their sense of humanity and killed many innocent citizens. The consequences were deadly, and it was very hard to deal with the aftermath of war.

Surprising Facts about WW2

The following are some of the surprising facts about World War II:

Chinese killed during the war:

The number of Chinese killed during the war was more than the number of Jewish killed during the holocaust.

Mosque of Paris:

To help Jewish escape from the Nazis, a fake mosque was built in Paris so that the Jews could have a fake Muslim identification.

France had more ammunition than Germany:

We may think that Germany had the most tanks, guns and men during the WWII but France had more ammo than Germany.   When German had only 7,378 artillery pieces, France had about 10,700 artilleries.

Death Ray:

A British Engineer named Robert Watson was working on a project named Death Ray which was aimed to destroy enemy aircrafts. Robert planned to use radio waves to destroy the aircrafts, but it later evolved into radar.

Bombed with fleas:

It is quite strange to know that Japan had bombed China with fleas that were infected with the plague.

Death of Soviet Males:

The World War II had killed more than 80% of the Soviet males. Russia had the largest number of casualties during the war.

Nazi Flag:

Most of us are quite familiar with how the Nazi flag looks. Each colour of the flag has a particular meaning. The white colour was to symbolise nationalism, red was for the social ideas of Nazi, and the swastika is in black to represent the Aryan Race.

Marshal Alexander:

Field Marshal Alexander was one of the most experienced commanders in the battlefield in World War II. He had a brilliant career, and he leads the front line troops at every rank.

Queen Elizabeth II:

The Queen also actively got her hands dirty during the World War II. She was a driver, and she also knew how to repair vehicles.

Winston Churchill’s election:

Churchill lost his election in the year 1945 right after winning the World War II.


During the WWII, the Americans refused to use the name Hamburgers as it sounded like a German Name. Hamburgers were called Liberty steaks.


The Nazis thought of sending all the Jews to Madagascar. But later they decided to eliminate all of them, and the Holocaust had claimed more than 6 million Jewish lives.

Calvin Graham:

Calvin was one of the youngest people to serve in the US Army during the WWII. He was only 12 years old. He had deceived the authorities by providing a fake age. When he was wounded in the battle, they had found his real age and gave him a Dishonourable discharge.



Post Author: Anthony N. Williams