Keeping Prints Safe

When it comes to world war one photograph, especially if you don’t possess the plates or negatives, you have to be very careful with handling and preserving the historical photos. It would be best to keep it encased or sealed into an album or frame, stored in a cool, dry place with minimal direct sunlight. It would also be necessary to find the best people to maintain your display/storage space, including a Pest control company Scranton that knows what they are doing when it comes to antique photos; as some pesticides are corrosive and could damage your photos.

Photos with historical value must be preserved for the next generation to see how things were way back when. Though preferably preserved in its original hard copy, it would be wise also to scan the photos to have digital copies that can be duplicated. The advantages of digital copies also include enhancing photos and possibly even restoring damaged portions if enough can be detected.

Currently, we have a good number of photos in our collection yet to be scanned and added to the gallery, but we have to take our time in doing so to be careful as some of these photos are actually quite brittle. Look forward to our collection once we update the gallery in the future.

Post Author: Anthony N. Williams