Causes of World War II:

After the World War I, there was so much instability in the continent of Europe; this led to the outbreak of another great war which was more devastating than the previous one. World War II began in the year 1939 when France and Britain had declared war against Germany. The outbreak of war triggered Germany to invade on Poland. The Second World War was one of the deadliest wars in history, and it took away the lives of many people in the world.

An average of 27,000 men was killed every day until Japan surrendered on September 1945. A total of 60 million lives were claimed during the war. USSR and China had the maximum number of victims followed by Germany and USA.

Causes of World War II

The turmoil of WWI was one of the primary reasons for the rise of another war. But there were also other events which lead to WWII. The below are some of them:

Treaty of Versailles:

At the end of WWI, a treaty was signed between German and the Allied Powers. Germany had lost the war, and thus it was made to accept all the responsibilities for the damages that were caused, and Germany had to pay a huge sum of money, and the treaty was quite harsh on the Germans. The Treaty of Versailles left Germany in ruins, and people were starving, and the government was left with nothing.

Expansion of Japanese:

Japanese were growing rapidly, but they did not have the right amount of land to keep their resources and sustain their growth. So they invaded China in the year 1937, and this created a minor disturbance.

Fascist Government:

Many countries were taken over by dictators, and they formed a powerful fascist government. Mussolini had the control over Italy, Franco had Spain, and Adolf Hitler took over Germany.

The Nazi party:

Germans were ferocious after the WWI, and they were desperate to regain the pride that they had lost. Hitler rose to power and offered the Germans hope and wanted to wage war against all the countries which shamed Germany.

Failure of Appeasement:

Countries like Britain and France did not want to start another war, but Hitler was furious to wage war against them. He started to take over his neighbouring countries and built his army. Britain and France thought that by giving Germany its demands would stop the war, but it only gave Hitler more time to build his army.

Failure of the League of Nations:

League of Nations was formed to bring about world peace in the year 1919, but not all countries joined the organisation. Germany and Russia were not allowed to join the League of Nations.  Germany was not allowed to join as it was the main reason for starting WWI and Russia began to spread Communism. The league ultimately had no power as many countries were hit with depression. They also did not have an army, and thus they were not able to stop any nation which became aggressive.

Post Author: Anthony N. Williams